Friday, May 16, 2008

Graphical superdelegate lead by state

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Great look from OpenLeft at which states are providing which candidate their superdelegate lead:

Go read the post for the analysis.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

This graphic could also 'have been' used to show the disparities that may exist between the voter's support for a candidate and their state's elected representatives support. A case in point is Maryland. Sen. Obama took this state by an overwhelming margin (larger than the WV margin), yet Sen. Clinton receives the lion's share of support from elected representatives.

This kind of information provides an opportunity to gain some insight into the entrenched support provided by old party guard beholden to the Clinton's and whose support is ensured by the Clinton political machine. Which, in my view, is symbolic of precisely what we the voters are voting against.

TheBrain said...

The graph is a good illustration of the subtle version of Obama bias that has been prevalent throughout the campaign. States that are exactly tied (0%) show up in the same color as those who lean towards Obama by 9% or less, implying that those are Obama-leaning states. Also, did you ever wonder why they would pick such strange, non-standard bands to illustrate the differences? When I was doing statistical research in college, we did that when we wanted the results to prove something and the standard 25/50/75% bands didn't make it, so we changed the display to take advantage of an anomaly in the data. Women really do have to do better to just get the same treatment as men.

MKSinSA said...


You might want to calibrate the color adjustment on your monitor. Mine indicates the difference.