Friday, May 09, 2008

Representative Chris Carney Endorses Clinton. Obama endorsed by DNC John Gage of Maryland

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Clinton leads off the morning with an endorsement: Rep. Chris Carney of PA:

U.S. Rep. Chris Carney noted Friday that Democrats in his northeastern Pennsylvania district supported Clinton by a more than 2-1 margin in the April 22 primary. Carney says, "I will respect their decision."

Carney said earlier he would back the candidate who won the district. The political science professor says he has weighed Clinton and Barack Obama's leadership and calls them "two very strong candidates."

Carney says he met with Clinton on Wednesday and let her know Thursday he is supporting her. Carney is a Democrat representing a historically Republican district. The GOP views him as vulnerable to a fall challenge by business owner Chris Hackett.

Clinton's superdelegate lead is now up to 7.5 votes.

Update: Obama picked up the endorsement of DNC member John Gage from Maryland moving him back to 6.5 behind Clinton
"Our people, I think, recognize the enthusiasm and vitality behind Senator Obama's campaign," AFGE President John Gage said. - AP


washerdreyer said...

I've been updating a spreadsheet off of your numbers on a daily basis for a little while now, and noticed today that in the sidebar Obama gained and Hillary lost a pledged delegate as compared to yesterday's numbers. I don't see a post about this, and am curious which state the numbers changed in. Thanks for being so responsive to previous comments and keep up the good work.

Amot said...

The answer is Indiana!
DCW use Green Papers numbers for pledged delegates. Unfortunately when chosing between sources initially GP picked up the wrong source and annouced 39/33 split. Later they corrected it to 34 Obama, 38 Clinton, therefore the extra delegate...

Xyxox said...

I just noticed that Mr. Super (Ed Espinoza) has endorsed Barack Obama.