Friday, May 09, 2008

Obama picks up 3 more Superdelegates

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Obama has picked up another member of the House of Representatives an Add-on and a DNC member. Obama is now only 1.5 superdelegate votes behind Clinton.

Hawaii Congresswoman Mazie Hirono:

Today I announce my endorsement of Senator Barack Obama for President of the United States. I do so after watching these historic campaigns unfold across our country, where hundreds of thousands of people participated as never before. It is clear that Americans want our country back on a course of hope and opportunity.

I make my announcement with deep respect and admiration for Hillary Clinton. She is an extraordinary woman. However, it is time to unite the party behind Senator Obama and to use our energy and resources to defeat Senator John McCain. Barack Obama can unite our Party and our country and bring about the positive changes Americans want.

Of course, all of us are especially proud of Senator Obama's deep roots here in our state, and overwhelmingly embraced his candidacy in our recent caucus. His love for Hawaii and understanding of its diversity have given him a foundation for understanding the diversity of our country.

I am proud to endorse Senator Obama and I look forward to a winning campaign.

New Mexico Add-on Laurie Weahkee:
"After the primary elections in Indiana and North Carolina, it is now absolutely clear that Barack Obama will be our nominee," Weahkee, lead organizer for the Native American Voters Alliance, writes in a statement e-mailed to the Independent. She adds, "Obama has proven that he can campaign in a difficult environment and still inspire thousands of new voices to take part in the democratic process."

South Carolina Democratic Party Vice Chair Wilber Lee Jeffcoat:
“Barack Obama inspired thousands of new voters in my state of South Carolina to get involved in our democratic process and I am proud to announce my endorsement today. With Barack Obama as our nominee, we can bring more and more new voters out to become involved and have their voices heard. Obama has worked his whole life to unite people from all backgrounds and walks of life for change, he has done that in this campaign and he will continue to do that as President. I am excited to join his campaign today.”

Update: Virginia DNC member Joe Johnson has also endorsed Obama today. We have gotten confirmation from the Obama campaign. They told us it's not being covered as widely because the campaign added him a while ago but he didn't officially endorse until today.

Obama is now only 1/2 a superdelegate behind Clinton

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fendawg said...

You asked us to bear with you as you were adding endorsements as quickly as possible? No problem, you're doing a great job, and are invaluable to those of us following this race! Many thanks!

Unknown said...

you probably get many of these. but +1 from another person that genuinely appreciates your methodology of coverage.

Dan Werner said...

Do we have any word on what might happen with the Ohio and Massachusetts add-ons tomorrow?

Xyxox said...

I'm hearing Ciro Rodriguez has endorsed Clinton according to Ben Smith at Politico.