Sunday, May 18, 2008

California add-on superdelegates named

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We would like to introduce you to the 5 newest superdelegates:

California Democrats on Sunday selected their final delegates to the party's national convention this summer, including five additional superdelegates.

The selections came during the state party's final meeting before the August convention in Denver. They did not change the dynamics of the presidential tally in the nation's most delegate-rich state.

Under party rules, five so-called "add-on" delegates were named by party Chairman Art Torres, bringing the total number of California superdelegates to 71. Three were pledged to Hillary Rodham Clinton and two to Barack Obama.

The additional superdelegates pledged for Clinton are: Carolyn Doggett, executive director of the California Teachers Association; former state Assemblyman Dario Frommer; and Dora Rubio, wife of Kern County Supervisor Michael Rubio, a former aide to state Sen. Dean Florez, D-Shafter.

The two pledged to Obama are William Quay Hays, an entrepreneur and developer from Pacific Palisades, and Lou Paulson, president of the California Professional Firefighters. - Mercury News

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Update: Here's a overall description of how the California delegate meeting went.


jimf said...

The accompanying news article is refreshing in showing that Clinton still has strong support among superdelegates who believe that they can convince other superdelegates she is the beter candidate, and in showing that quite a few are not sold on Obama yet. The race is by no means over.

rgzuber said...

Uhh, no. The CA superdelegate breakdown basically reflects the primary vote from that state.

This race was over on March 4th.

kitchin said...

I support her competing, and I think there is a weird bias in calls for her to drop out, but look at the numbers:

Her only real chance is to fully seat FL and MI, and then hope the 55 uncommitted MI do not go to Obama.

That is very unlikely unless party sentiment changes drastically in her favor.

May 31 is the rules meeting, and Obama may not be able to get enough delegates before then. After May 31, I think remaining delegates will try to keep it from going to August, when, admittedly, the rules could change again.

Tom said...

Well on Tue. the 20th, Obama will have the majority of pledged delegates, barring some pretty far-fetched results. This will encourage many more of the supers to come out for him at that point. So by the 31st he may not have the 2025 but I am betting he is really close if not over it. Although it may change to 2209 after the 31st I don't know how it'll be handled should be nail the 2025 prior to that.

Chase Gallagher said...

One more super delegate for Obama, WA State Democratic Chair Dwight Pelz just sent out an announcement that he's endorsing him.