Saturday, May 17, 2008

And the winner is...

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Last month we told you about the DCCC's Match It By May Convention Contest. Today they announced a winner and rolled out their next contest for a chance to win a trip to Denver in August.

With the 2008 Democratic Convention set to commence 100 Days from today, my friends at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) are excited to announce the winner of the DCCC Match-It-By-May Contest. Congratulations to Stacy Fredericksen from Menlo Park, California. Stacy will be traveling to Denver in August to be a part of this history-making Convention.

Thousands of DCCC supporters like you took part in the Match-It-By-May Contest. The excitement and energy was outstanding. So much so, that we think a fellow DCCC supporter should join Stacy in Denver by entering the DCCC's 100 Days Till Denver Convention Contest.

That's right, the DCCC is offering one more chance to win tickets, flight and accommodations to the 2008 Democratic Convention in Denver, August 25th -- 28th. Do you want to join me in Denver for the Convention? Well, enter to win, it's easy!

This is your opportunity to make sure we have the resources we need to win back the White House and strengthen our majority in Congress. This is going to be a history-making year and, with support from people like you, we have already won three special election victories in a row.

We think we can win big in November too. But, we know it's going to take an extraordinary commitment from thousands of DCCC supporters to get the job done.


Unknown said...

So how do we enter to win? Is there a link that works?

dlanod said...

That's a supremely cruel heading for those of us who check your RSS feed first thing in the morning. I thought I'd slept through someone withdrawing from the race!

Unknown said...

Is it possible for the "ordinary citizen" to attend the Democratic Convention? I will be in Denver during the Convention dates and I'm having no luck finding the answer to this question.

Matt said...

Kate - It's not possible for "ordinary citizens" to attend the actual convention itself. But there will be a number of convention related events outside the Pepsi Center that will be open to the public.