Friday, May 09, 2008

Representative Donald Payne (NJ-10) Switches from Clinton to Obama

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For the 9th time a superdelegate has pulled their support from Hillary Clinton and endorsed Barack Obama.

Representative Donald Payne from New Jersey's 10th District endorsed Hillary Clinton in January saying this:

"These serious times call for a leader with Hillary Clinton’s ability to tackle our biggest challenges from her first day in office," Rep. Payne said. "Her 35-year record fighting for children and families demonstrates the kind of change she will deliver as President. Having worked closely with Hillary in the White House and in the Senate, I can personally attest to her effectiveness and commitment to the issues facing our community."
Tonight Representative Payne had this to say:

"After careful consideration, I have reached the conclusion that Barack Obama can best bring about the change that our country so desperately wants and needs," Payne told The Star-Ledger for today's editions. It was "one of the most difficult decisions I have made," Payne said. "I've really been mulling it over for quite a while."

"At this particular time we need to really unite behind one candidate," Payne said. "It's time now for us to pull our party together. The quicker it's over, the better we'll be able to bring all of our forces together." -

Payne's switch lowers Hillary Clinton's superdelegate lead to only 7.5 superdelegate votes. Clinton led the superdelegate race by as many as 96 votes in January.

Obama will pick up at least one ad-on superdelegate tomorrow in Utah.