Friday, May 09, 2008

Superdelegate Switches

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Here's the complete list of superdelegate switches from Clinton to Obama:

  • May 23 - Rep. Dennis Cardoza (CA)
  • May 10 - DNC Kevin Rodriguez (VI)
  • May 9 - Rep. Donald Payne (NJ)
  • May 7 - DNC Jennifer McClellan (VA)
  • May 1 - DNC Joe Andrew (IN)
  • Feb 27 - Rep. John Lewis (GA)
  • Feb 27 - DNC Senfronia Thompson (TX)
  • Feb 20 - DNC Dana Redd (NJ)
  • Feb 15 - DNC Sarah Swisher (IA)
  • Feb 14 - DNC Christine "Roz" Samuels (NJ)
  • Feb 14- Rep. David Scott (GA)
And the first one to switch to Clinton just switched over to Obama earlier this month:
  • May 27 - DNC Kevin Rodriguez (VI)


paig55 said...

This list is incomplete. Your missing George McGovern (switched yesterday), The former govenor of New Mexico, and several others. I really bad at names so I have to check and I give you the names later.

Roehl Sybing said...

George McGovern is not a superdelegate. But yes, Richardson is missing, but he's the CURRENT governor of New Mexico.

Oreo said...

Richardson never endorsed Clinton so he didn't switch.

Roehl Sybing said...

Then one is still missing, since the blog post about Payne's switch indicated he was the ninth switch this campaign season.

Oreo said...

DNC Senfronia Thompson was missing from the list.

Josh said...

Swisher started with Edwards, moved to Clinton, and left after about two weeks to side with Obama.

Chris said...

This doesn't seem to have been updated recently. The "latest endorsements" page lists switchers Kevin Rodriguez (VI) on May 10 and Dennis Cardoza (CA) on May 23. Keep up the good work.

Oreo said...

Thanks Christopher

Chris said...

Well, don't thank me too soon. According to "latest endorsements" the Clinton campaign confirms that Rodriguez has now switched back.

Matt said...

Rodriguez now doing doing double duty in the post.