Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thursday 5/8 Summary

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Yet another busy day for the Democratic Primaries. Definitely not Hillary Clinton's best day of the year.

We had two superdelegate endorsements today.

Rep. Brad Miller (NC) for Obama

Rep. Rick Larsen (WA) for Obama

- Hillary Clinton only leads by 9.5 superdelegate votes... her lowest since before she announced her candidacy.

- Tomorrow will see an add-on from Utah selected. In April, Utah's DNC Chair Wayne Holland announced that he would name an Obama supporter as the add-on.

- Today was Barack Obama's turn to meet with uncommitted superdelegates in Washington, DC

- Clinton Campaign Communications Director Howard Wolfson is reportedly seeking a book deal.

- According to a major fundraiser, Hillary Clinton will meet with her primary backers on May 14th at her home.

- Senator Dianne Feinstein announced that she's still for Clinton. "I'm sticking with her, absolutely," she told reporters. "Her strategy is to win this. And she's entitled to her opportunity to try."

- Politico is reporting that Obama will declare victory on May 20th in Oregon.

- Mr. Super finally revealed himself as California DNC member Ed Espinoza. Now the question is who will he endorse?

- DCW had an elaborate ground-breaking ceremony for its new store.


Dan said...

Can somebody explain the rationale behind the "add-on" delegates? I'm just not sure what point they're supposed to serve.

El Gringo said...

Utah's add-on superdelegate is selected by the pledged district delegates. Chairman Wayne Holland doesn't get to nominate or choose the add-on himself.

That was the old procedure from 2004 when Chairman Donald Dunn picked the add-on.