Friday, May 09, 2008

Representative Peter DeFazio Endorses Obama

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The night's not over as Representative Peter DeFazio (OR-4) endorses Barack Obama.

Clinton's superdelegate lead is now down to 6.5 votes.

Tonight Rep. Peter DeFazio became Oregon's third Democratic congressman to endorse Sen.Barack Obama, putting the Illinois politician one delegate closer to the presidential nomination.

DeFazio said that Obama, who will begin a two-day campaign trip to the state Friday morning, "represents our best chance of winning in November."

"We must not allow Senator McCain to continue the failures of the Bush foreign policy, war in Iraq and disastrous economic policies," DeFazio added. - The Oregonian


rgzuber said...

Wow, you guys are quick. I just saw this news and came by to check to see if he had been listed earlier. Love this site!

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Harry said...

Excellent. Can't go wrong with DeFazio.

Oregon Dem said...

Woo Hoo. It is about time. This makes me happy.