Sunday, May 04, 2008

Guam replacement DNC member likely Uncommitted

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We noted last Monday that the replacement for resigning Guam DNC member Robert Underwood would be an Obama supporter:

Guam Democratic Party Chairman Tony Charfauros yesterday said he is about to appoint either Sen. Benjamin Cruz or attorney Mike Phillips to a vacant superdelegate position -- the party's "committee man" position. Cruz and Philips are both Obama supporters.
Well, that plan is now inoperative:
Guam Democratic Party Chair Tony Charfauros says he will nominate Senator Ben Pangelinan to the vacant superdelegate position of National Committeeman.
So far, each presidential candidate has one committed Super-delegate, Taling Taitano for Clinton and Jaime Paulino for Obama. Party-chair elect Pilar Lujan, Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo and Pangelinan have not publicly said who they are supporting. -Pacific News Center
Then again, maybe he changes his mind and nominates himself, since he lost re-election as party chair and won't be going to Denver as a superdelegate.


Amot said...

Pangelian has been appointed!

He needs to be approved by Guam Dems and DNC but it looks just a formality! He is uncommitted, probably he will try to work on a deal for Guam with the candidates!