Saturday, May 03, 2008

LA Special Election Results

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After all that Guam excitement, there's more to come. Two House seats are up for grabs in Louisiana on Saturday, with Cazayoux having a great chance to pick a seat deep in red country. The chances are slim but if we get both wins the superdelegate total will be at 796 for the first time since January. You can read more about both races at the Daily Kingfish. Polls have closed at 9:00 Eastern.

LA-01 Special Election Results
Gilda Reed (D) - 22%
Steve Scalise (R) - 75%
100% Reporting

This one's done.

LA-06 Special Election Results
Don Cazayoux (D) - 49% - 49,702
Woody Jenkins (R) - 46% - 46,741
100% Reporting

Early returns are from precincts favorable to Jenkins. Expect the gap to close.
Update: 10:05 - but it's not really closing. Gap is currently 4,100 votes.
10:10 Gap down to 3,800 votes.
10:13 Now we're getting somewhere. Gap down to 1,500 votes.
10:22 Gap under 1,000 votes. Note: There is no runoff if no candidate gets 50%.
10:25 Gap back to 2,000 votes. The precincts are highly partisan, so we're getting lots of back and forth as different precincts are added in.
10:48 After a 20 minute delay in reporting updates, Cazayoux has pulled into the lead! He's up by 2,000 votes!

10:50: CAZAYOUX WINS! 99% in, up by 3,000 votes.


rkw said...

I think the results will be posted here, if you want to follow along tonight.

Reed said...

what time?

Derek said...

the polls are now closed. i imagine most results should be in by midnight EDT.

rkw said...

Early results - with 7 of 505 precincts reporting - Scalise with 72% of the vote in CD 1. And in CD 6, with 6 of 512 precincts reporting, it is a dead heat 49% to 48% for Jenkins.

rkw said...

CD1 - 45 of 505 precincts reporting, Reed 29%, Scalise 69%

CD2 - 48 of 512 precincts reporting, Cazayoux 45%, Jenkins 51%

Andrew H said...
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rkw said...

CD1 - 92 of 505 precincts reporting, Reed 25%, Scalise 72%

CD2 - 91 of 512 precincts reporting, Cazayoux 46%, Jenkins 51%

rkw said...

CD1 - 178 of 505 precincts reporting, Reed 27%, Scalise 71%

CD2 - 242 of 512 precincts reporting, Cazayoux 43%, Jenkins 53%

rkw said...

It's getting close.

Andrew H said...

Only precincts that are left are in East Baton Rouge Parish. It's going to be close it looks like.

rkw said...

CD6 - 404 of 512 precincts reporting, Cazayoux 49%, Jenkins 46%

up by 2,074 votes

Andrew H said...
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J said...

Actually Nathan in right and Cazayoux did not win, despite your celebratory post just above. He got 49.2% w/ all precincts now in, which means we head to a run-off. In Louisiana state law says you need a majority, not a plurality.

BlastFurnace said...

Fantastic! If the Democrats can break the logjam and win this district (which is about as red as it gets) then it bodes very well for November nationwide both in the Presidential race as well as the Congressionals.

Congrats to Cazayoux.

Matt said...

J - Louisiana changed the law for Federal elections. No runoff's anymore. This one is done.