Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Superdelegate endorsements for Wednesday 5/14

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Another day another batch of superdelegates! Obama is up 2.5 to Clinton's 1 for the day.

We added the first superdelegates last night as we were closing up shop after West Virginia and Travis Childer's huge victory in Mississippi. College Democrats of America's Lauren Wolfe (MI) and Awais Khaleel (WI) endorsed Barack Obama. Wolfe's vote only counts in our Michigan/Florida tables since she is from Michigan.

The next endorsement came in at 6:30 this morning with Democrats Abroad Chair Christine Marques' endorsement of Barack Obama
“As a Democrat abroad, I've seen the repercussions of the Republican Administration every day, in the diminished reputation of the United States and in the lack of real leadership both at home and abroad, from the economy to the war in Iraq,” said Schon Marques. “I'm proud to be a Democrat, and proud of both our candidates. Today I pledge my support to Senator Barack Obama because I believe that he will take our country in the right direction, he will restore America's reputation, he will honor the men and women who are bravely serving our country, and he will reach out to Americans across the country and around the world. I hope that voters overseas join me in registering today at so that all our voices are heard this November.”
And the third endorsement came from Indiana Representative Pete Visclosky.
“America needs a President who offers a vision of the future comprised of sensible solutions to today's troubles. My choice is Senator Barack Obama, who promises to seek pragmatic, progressive solutions to problems like jobs, Iraq, the energy crisis, and healthcare. Barack Obama will bring people together, give them hope, spur change, and set the U.S. back on a course toward progress, prosperity, and global leadership.”

Hillary Clinton just got the endorsement of Tennessee add-on Vicki Harwell
“Hillary’s decisive victory in West Virginia is the latest evidence that she is the strongest candidate to take on John McCain and win back the White House,” Harwell said. “Hillary has the plans, leadership and experience to deliver real results as President.”
Harwell is the President of the Tennessee Federation of Democratic Women.


Unknown said...

Is Wolfe's vote valid because she represents Michigan, or, because she is an officer of the DNC?

I would have thought that her status as an officer of the DNC trumps her state of residence.

Unknown said...

Not sure whether this is the right place to post this or not, but it affects the delegate count. Just not the SUPER delegate count.

One of Clinton's PLEDGED delegates, Jack Johnson of Maryland, has switched over to Obama and says he will vote for him at the convention. He is urging the state party chair to unify the entire Maryland delegation behind Obama.

p.s. I do not know how to change the name listed for me, but per her request, I am letting you know that this is not the Leah you think it is.

Xyxox said...

Ben Smith is reporting that Mike Morgan of Oklahoma has endorsed Obama:

Mike said...

I just heard an ABC news report that Edwards has endorsed Obama. What does this mean for his 19 pledged delegates? Do they transfer to Obama?

JayZed said...

As far as I know, even though Edwards is endorsing Obama, his campaign is still suspended rather than withdrawn, so I think that technically Edwards keeps his pledged delegates himself. They will almost certainly follow his lead and vote for Obama at the convention, but I don't think that they're technically Obama's delegates.

Am I right in thinking that Edwards himself is not a super?

JayZed said...

Actually, I just looked at what happened when Romney suspended his campaign and then endorsed McCain. According to CNN, he "released" his delegates to McCain "meaning that he will encourage them to get behind McCain's candidacy."

Presumably if Edwards does the same his delegates will no longer be pledged to vote for him and he will encourage them to vote for Obama, though I assume they're not obliged to do so.

Alice said...

John Edwards just endorsed Barack Obama!

Alice said...

Oh sorry. :)

In my excitement, I skimmed over the above posts and didn't see that the Edwards news had already been reported.

Edwards is not a super.

I believe his pledged delegates can go over to Obama any time they want.

Rambling Johnny said...

Am betting Gore will follow Wednesday next week just after Hillary win in Kentucky and Obama win Oregon.

Matt said...

Craig - DNC Officer status does NOT trump place of residence.

We'll have more on the status of the Edwards delegates tonight.

Tenzin Chime said...

Howard Dean is still an unpledged superdelegate. He's telling everybody else to endorce someone but he has not done so. That's confusing.