Friday, May 09, 2008

Representative Ciro Rodriguez endorses Clinton

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Sen. Clinton started us off this morning with an endorsement by Rep. Chris Carney. Then there were a bunch of endorsements for that other candidate, but Clinton is ending the day (assuming, of course, that this is it for the day!) with another endorsement from Congress: Texas Representative Ciro Rodriguez:

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton picked up another endorsement from a Texas Democratic superdelegate for the party's presidential primary.

Rep. Ciro Rodriguez, D-San Antonio, announced Friday night that he is endorsing Clinton.

"A big reason is because his district voted so overwhelmingly for her, that's one of the biggest reasons," said Rodriguez' spokesman Josh Rosenblum.

Rodriguez said in a statement issued by the Clinton campaign that he still believes she can win.

"Not only can she win, I am convinced that she will be a truly great president," Rodriguez said. "In two areas of special importance to me, caring for our veterans and improving our schools, Hillary has been a real leader. I am happy to follow the clear choice of my constituents and support Hillary for President."

This increases Clinton's superdelegate lead back to 1.5 votes.


Barry Scott said...

Thanks for all you do, DCW. Your usually very accurate and unbiased data is invaluable!
I was, however, surprised to see Matt use the phrase, "that other candidate", instead of "Obama".
That took extra keystrokes, it looks partisan and it seems the type of thing we see on other blogs.
Matt, It's unbecoming, why use that phrase?

nanc said...

I would think you would recognize the sarcasm and humor, Barry. "That other candidate" you know, the one with all the delegates and votes, the one the Clintons are trying to ignore like the gorilla in the room. Lighten up!

Independent Voter said...


Gotta love the satire. Damn "that other candidate" for rolling out so many supers and making it difficult to keep up with. LOL

El Gringo said...

The Utah add-on delegate will be elected tonight so Ciro won't be the last superdelegate declaration. All candidates filed for the add-on spot are already declared.

I briefed Delegate Senator Scott McCoy on the rules and he promised to he'd see to it that it went to an Obama supporter.

El Gringo said...

Oh, and the Utah super should be the one to put Obama in the lead for the first time. Go Utah!

Matt said...

Nope. The lead is 1.5, so Obama needs two to take the lead.

tmess2 said...

Speaking of when Obama moves into the lead on the unpledged delegate count, does anybody know what Massachusetts and Ohio are going to be doing with their add-ons this weekend?

As we have seen from other states, local factors (i.e. what party leaders need to be delegates) sometimes trump the "which side controls the selection" factor.

Since the two states have four add-ons combined, the picks could determine whether Obama takes the lead on unpledged delegates before Tuesday or if he will have to wait until next weekend.

Rocksprings said...

Thank you Ciro for listening to your constituents. You are our Congressman and we respect and support your decision. You stand up for what is right and for the safety of our country even if you have to stand alone.