Saturday, May 31, 2008

Obama to speak Tuesday at GOP convention site

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In a great symbolic move, Obama will be speaking after the last primaries on Tuesday at the site of the GOP convention:

Barack Obama selected St. Paul, Minn., where Republicans will hold their convention, as the site for a rally Tuesday night marking the end of primary season in the drawn-out Democratic presidential contest. The decision to hold the rally on symbolic GOP turf telegraphed his confidence that the Democratic nomination was already his.
Obama's campaign announced Saturday that the Minnesota rally with Obama and his wife, Michelle, is set for the Xcel Energy Center, site of the GOP convention beginning Sept. 1. - AP


Unknown said...

Sen. Obama, take the fight directly to the republicans! This is exactly what we need, and will lead to the presidency. Soon it wii be: President Obama.

Mike said...

This campaign is simply amazingly effective in strategy, planning and execution. This is simply "in your face" raly.

Great move!

Dimples said...

Love it!!!!! Team Obama is so smart. That's how they beat Hillary and it's how they will capture the White House in November. Keep up the good work.

The Numantine said...

The Obama has made so few errors and so many brillant moves that it is likely to be featured in numerous Political Science books on campaigning.

Unknown said...

$20 says Obama draws a bigger crowd than the entire GOP convention will.

Any takers? C'mon, anyone at all? Anyone?

Andrew Foland said...

I love it!

Stephane MOT said...

Up until she picked up McCain's idea of gas tax (saving Obama from the Wright deadend), Hillary would be the trend setter.

But Barack is definitely running the show now.

Clinton could have won - she simply blew it for a question of character. In the process of damaging Obama's chances for november, she destroyed her own image and her husband's legacy.

And she will go with a bang at the Convention (fueled with a massive win in PR). I sincerely hope SDs will massively rally Obama in the hours to come.

isonprize said...


Donate it to the Obama campaign 'cause I won't take the bet!

I agree there will definitely be more there for Obama, than for McLame at the Republican convention.