Thursday, May 15, 2008

Saturday marks 100 days left until the convention

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The DNCC has just issued the following press release:

With Saturday marking just one hundred days to go until the eyes of the world turn toward Denver and the 2008 Democratic National Convention, the Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) announced today that its plans remain on track or ahead of schedule for a truly historic event that promises to be an engaging celebration of the strength of the Democratic party, the diversity we embrace, the values we share and our vision for America. The Committee is entering the final preparatory stages and is now increasing focus on the executional and programmatic elements of the Convention.

"The organizational foundation has been laid, the operational framework has been built and it's now time to turn great plans into an even greater reality," said Leah D. Daughtry, CEO of the DNCC. "It's evident that our early start is now paying dividends as we enter this final stage of preparation. While there remains a significant amount of work to do in the next 100 days, I'm more confident than ever that when the gavel drops on August 25, we'll be ready to make history."

Consistent with planning cycles for previous Conventions, the final 100 days brings an increased focus on the official Convention schedule and program, ranging from delegate events and caucus meetings that take place each day to the themes, speakers and entertainment for each session at the Pepsi Center. Work on these elements continues to move forward.

"When our nominee takes the stage in August, it will be the culmination of a process that has engaged and inspired more than 35 million Americans and captured the attention of the world," Daughtry added. "Political conventions have determined the course of our nation's history. And in a few months, Denver will become part of this rich tradition."

Across all major operational areas, from logistics and transportation to construction and preparation for the media, the DNCC today provided an update on its key accomplishments and its overall readiness for the four-day event in August.

The DNCC is ready to kick off construction activities on July 7, when it has full access to the Pepsi Center. However, renovation plans to convert the Pepsi Center from sports arena to Convention hall are already underway.

  • Design plans for the Convention hall are underway. Alvarado-Turner-HOK, an association of three local companies with experience in large-scale projects and events, including the 1996 Democratic National Convention, was awarded the construction management contract and is making preparations to begin renovations once access is granted.
  • Audio, lighting and scenic designs are complete and initial designs for the podium and stage have been drawn up. Once we have a nominee, our production team is ready to put the nominee's stamp on the look and feel of the Convention hall.
  • More than 675,000 square feet of space has been allocated. Inside the Pepsi Center facility - from backstage to suites to team locker rooms - space has been allocated for a specific purpose to support Convention operations.
  • Nearly 200,000 square feet of media space has been allocated. Initial plans are complete for the media pavilions located outside the Pepsi Center that will provide workspace for many of the nearly 15,000 members of the media expected to attend the Convention.
  • Space has been allocated for more than 100 production trucks, media workspace trailers and broadcast transmission vehicles.
You can read the rest of the release on the DNCC Website.

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