Thursday, May 08, 2008

More proof that blogs are valid news sources

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We've told you about several errors that big media sources have made this primary season. This time The News Tribune of Tacoma points out a problem with the New York Time's superdelegate list.

Posted by Niki Sullivan @ 10:31:20 am

We ran a story this morning (posted here last night) about Washington state's remaining uncommitted superdelegates and whether their resolve has cracked yet. The answer: No.

But we were puzzled by one bit: The Superdelegate Transparency Project said Sharon Mast is uncommitted. The New York Times says she's a Hillary delegate.

I just got off the phone with Mast. She says she's uncommitted.

"I was surprised when I went to The New York Times site and saw that I was committed," she said. "I have been uncommitted all along in this process."

She said she intends to "remain so until this process completes itself."

I'm always suspicious of passive statements, so I asked how the process will "complete itself." "We have some states left and one more territory," she said.

I asked where she thinks the Times got the idea she was a Clinton supporter: "I have no idea. It doesn't matter. In real life, I know where I'm at, which is uncommitted." - News Tribune

If you're not familiar with the Superdelegate Transparency Project they use our superdelegate lists to compare how superdelegates have endorsed in comparison with their constituents.


Mona said...

As for WA's uncommitted? I just heard on Seattle's am1090 that superdelegate Congressman Rick Larsen(WA-2) has committed to Obama.

Vlad said...

I love this blog, but you guys should really make an announcement each time a super endorses a candidate, as soon as the news breaks. I see that your counter in the left is the most up to date source there is. Posting for every endorsement will fill us in on who has been added to the list. Thanks!

Oreo said...

Thanks Nick
We have started adding summaries each day. You can also check our Latest Endorsements page regularly as we update it anytime somebody is added.

Vlad said...

Oh, cool. I wasn't aware of that page. Thanks!

Mona said...

According to your list and Superdelegate Transparency Project WA's former speaker Tom Foley is a Clinton delegate but in the Matt Daly's Seattle PI AP article of 5/8it sited him as uncommitted,eh. The link source for your clinton pr is no longer valid. Any other?