Monday, May 12, 2008

Hawaii Senator Daniel Akaka Endorses Obama; Also gets the nod from Idaho Party Chair

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Senator Akaka's endorsement is Obama's 19th endorsement from a Senator. This is Obama's 3rd endorsement today. Idaho Democratic Party Chairman R. Keith Roark is expected to announce his endorsement shortly.

“For more than a year, people have asked me who I plan to endorse for President of the United States. I’ve waited this long for several reasons. The Democratic campaign began with more than ten declared candidates. As a veteran of more than 30 years on Capitol Hill, I knew each and everyone of them and had worked closely with all. I had no doubt that each of them had the knowledge and ability to lead our country out of the financial and diplomatic chaos that we’ve experienced for the past eight years.

Having waged a number of campaigns myself, I can tell you they are not easy. Campaigns are tests, and there’s no tougher one than running for President. Like many Americans, I’ve followed the campaign for President closely and with growing interest, eager to see which candidate would articulate a vision for our country, encourage hope and renew faith in our government, and stand to the rigors of a nationwide contest.

After giving it a lot of thought, I’ve decided that for me, that candidate is Barack Obama.

Rather than echo his supporters or review his platform on health care, the environment, or the war in Iraq, I want to add a different voice to those who believe Senator Obama would make a fine President. He is the antidote we need to cure Washington of the uninspired, partisan politics that has plagued our country far too long.

What makes him uniquely qualified? A March 2008 feature in Vanity Fair magazine offers a clue: “He was born and came of age in Hawaii, the 50th state and in many ways among the freest‑thinking, where mixed‑race ancestry is …a given... If Obama comes across as a bit of a softy—if you don’t see the toughness or the ambition at first—it may be in part because he spent his formative years in a place where ‘Live Aloha’ had not yet become a slogan aimed at recapturing a more gracious time, but was simply a way of life.”

I have great hope, that in his own way, Barack Obama will achieve what I have been working to accomplish my entire Congressional career, more tolerance and understanding, an appreciation for common goals and interests, rather than an emphasis on our differences.

While I am pledging my support to Senator Obama, I want to make it very clear that I hold both Senator Hillary Clinton and President Bill Clinton in the highest regard as colleagues and friends. Senator Clinton has campaigned hard and well and I wish her all the best as we move forward. In an example of her leadership and commitment, Senator Clinton has promised that come November, the Democratic Party will be united behind our presidential nominee and I send her my fondest aloha for her courage and selflessness.”

Update: Idaho Party Chair R. Keith Roark has announced his endorsement for Barack Obama. Obama won Idaho 79% - 17% so this one should be no surprise.

After several months of careful consideration, I am announcing today that I will cast my vote this August at the Democratic National Convention for the next President of the United States, Senator Barrack Obama. I have not come quickly or easily to this decision. Democrats are blessed to have two outstanding candidates vying for our party’s nomination at this defining moment in American history.

I have no doubt that Senator Obama will run the stronger race. The unprecedented enthusiasm Senator Obama has generated here in Idaho is unlike anything I have seen in the past 31 years of active political participation in this State. He has captured the imagination and mint fresh optimism of young voters from Couer d’Alene to Caldwell, from Murphy to Montpelier. I firmly believe that the critical process of rebuilding the Idaho Democratic Party will receive a once in a lifetime boost from Senator Obama’s candidacy.
Last week Bill Clinton didn't help the situation for Hillary Clinton when he said:
"Every time I say this, it's a guaranteed applause line," he said. "You can drop me in the middle of Idaho where there's not a Democrat in 200 miles and an elk would applaud me on that."
Mr. Roark was not amused:
"If Bill Clinton had done for elk in Idaho everything he did for Democrats, we'd have far fewer elk," said Idaho Democratic Party Chairman Keith Roark - an uncommitted superdelegate - Wednesday morning.
From the Times-News of Twin-Falls Idaho

Today's superdelegate count is now Obama 4 to Clinton 0. Obama now leads the superdelegate tally 279 to 270.5


coop said...

Idaho Superdelegate Keith Roark Endorses Barack Obama.

Independent Voter said...


That must've hurt!

Sorry Bill, you had that one coming.

Amot said...

I kind of wish Idaho had few more uncommitted supers :)
But guess what: They have a state convention coming mid June and I bet she will not be viable there and lose a delagate in favor of Obama!

MKSinSA said...

independent voter stole the words right out of my mouth. Egads!