Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Voter Registration

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I am proud to announce that I finally live in the BLUE state of Pennsylvania. Democrats now comprise 50.7% of registered voters. (Check the graphic with the article.) Republicans are down to 38%.

And Pennsylvania is not the only state to be affected by a change in registrations: Democratic registration grew in 6 battleground states. In addition, only Louisiana had a rise of over 1% in Republican registration. This can likely be attributed to the fact that the people moving back since Katrina are less likely to be the "Democratic Base" whose neighborhoods were washed away. In Arizona, North Carolina and Colorado, independents are now a firm third of the electorate.

While this doesn't necessarily have a direct correlation to how people will vote in November, the implications (if they hold) are huge for feeder lanes. That is, generally to run for national office, one needs to first hold local office. More registered Democrats mean more Democratic town council members, mayors, County Commissioners, and state reps. All eventually feeding up to national office.