Friday, October 31, 2008

From the David Plouffe/Bill Burton Conference Call

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Conference call is going on now.

First, ads are going up in Georgia, North Dakota and Arizona. Also, organization on the ground.

Second, some early voting numbers as of last night:

Florida in 2004: GOP won the absentee and early vote by 40,000.
Florida in 2008: We have a 200,000 vote edge in terms of the ballots submitted by party, so far.

North Carolina: 19% of the early Democratic vote are BRAND NEW VOTERS, that is, have NEVER voted before.

Nevada: 43% of the early Democratic voters are either BRAND NEW or sporadic voters.

"It will be a ferocious 4 days," Mr. Plouffe said. He went on to say that we think it will be very close, but that we are committed to getting our voters out.

UPDATE: Mr. Plouffe said that the campaign is laser-focused on getting to 270, and that's the goal.