Friday, October 31, 2008

What Are You Doing Election Night?

WE'VE MOVED! Democratic Convention Watch is now at

I don't know if you read the posts and the comments, but if you skip the comments, consider checking them out. There are really interesting things in there.

As you may know, we're running a contest about the outcome of the election.

Reader 26376 has kindly taken the information and pulled it into a spreadsheet. And he/she had this to say in answer to the When? post:

The current consensus in the DCW Prediction Contest has Obama winning 364 EV. The states whose polls close by 21:00 ET are responsible for 276 of that total. So based on the consensus guess, an early call is a bit more possible than I had thought, though it would depend on Missouri being called quickly for Obama. On the other hand, Indiana and Georgia are consensus McCain in the contest; as others have said, should either of those go Obama early, it may be a short night.
Which makes me want to know what you'll be doing election night. And since I only have 10 lines and cannot poll as many permutations as would be required: besides the Presidential race, what else will you be staying up for? A specific Senate race, House race, Governor's race, ballot initiative, local race? And if you're in Europe/Asia/Africa/South America or Australia, please let us know in the comments if the returns are carried on TV there. I assume they never were, live, in previous elections, but is this year different?

And for your viewing pleasure, I heard a rumour that CNN will be using holograms on Election Night for campaign reps from Chicago and somewhere in Arizona. It will appear that the person is in the studio standing with Wolf Blitzer. Like R2D2's abilities in Star Wars, but with better production values, and real-sized people.