Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Help make the long lines easier

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JeffLieber over at DailyKos has a great idea on how you can help make the long lines on Tuesday easier to handle.

There WILL BE lines on election day.

Long lines.

Some of those lines will be inevitable... some will be due to historic turnout... and SOME will be due to the design of those still hoping they can exhaust the will of change.

And despite the fact that everyone has been warned, people are bound to get frustrated and tired and cold and hungry and bored out of their fucking minds to the point that they will think, "What's one more vote?"

And that's where we come in.

As a last act of giving (by you who have no doubt already given so very much), go out and buy a half-dozen of those two dollar umbrellas, walk to your local polling place and offer them to those who are out there standing in the rain. Ask them, when THEY are done... to pass the umbrella on.

Or rummage through that drawer in the basement with the forgotten winter hats and gloves and (after running them through the washer and the dryer) offer them, at the local college, to some students who didn't QUITE think the whole process through.

Coffee for the weary. A snack for the hungry.