Monday, October 27, 2008

Want to Change your Guess?

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Now that Ted Stevens has been convicted, it's time to re-run the Senate guess-a-thon.

When we last ran this poll, "58" was the number most chosen by DCW readers as the number of Democratic Senators that would be in place in January 2009, your choice on Joe.

Want to change your mind?

And when you use the comments to discuss whether or not you are still including Joe in the count, remember this: so long as Joe caucuses with the Democrats, he keeps his committee chairmanship. That allows him subpoena power, the right to hold hearings, and hold sway. Is that something that changes his value in a Democratic Senate, or is holding the number at "60", if we win 59 seats, be more important?

Also consider that IF Ted is re-elected, it will be up to the Senate to expel him. Further, remember that Baby Bush can still pardon Ted. He pardoned Scooter.... We'll have more up tonight and tomorrow on Senate reaction, including how sitting Senators feel about a felon in their midst, and whether monies donated to their campaigns by Stevens will be kept or returned.