Friday, October 31, 2008

Political Action You Should Take TODAY

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I got up, turned on the news, and heard this: The White House is planning on enacting 85 Orders before they leave office to remove restrictions on things like air quality, water quality, and other things that will make the country worse.

They are poised to put time limits in them, which will make it difficult for the next administration to rescind the Orders, and for Congress to legislate them away.

Please call the White House today and say something to the effect of: "Quit killing us"

Their switchboard number is 202-456-1414. They have a comments number, but I'm not convinced that THIS White House ever listens to it: 202-456-1111.

You can also take the additional step of calling your local TV station, writing your local paper, and telling everyone you know to call/write. The more publicity, the more blow-back, the less they can get away with. They can still do it, but it's easier to get away with bad, bad things in a dark dungeon .

Senator Obama has mobilized grass-roots in a way no one has before. And here is the power: imagine if everyone Obama has mobilized had called their Senators, Reps and the White House a number of years ago and said "I vote, and I won't vote for you again if you vote for the Iraq invasion."

Use the power.