Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Michigan 36

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Michigan selected 36 Uncommitted delegates at their District Conventions in April. The state of these 36 delegates, specifically whether they have officially endorsed Obama, is becoming important in advance of next weekend's RBC meeting. Knowing how many of the 36 are committed to Obama could make the difference in what type of deal the Obama campaign is willing to accept.

So we're asking our readers to help us out. Go search the internets and give us the information we need - Name, CD, affiliation (union, etc) if any, endorsement status, and, of course, a link.

We'll gather the information in this post, and give everyone a better idea of the status of the Michigan 36. To get you started, there are some links in the our April post, and links in this Kos diary.

The 19 Statewide Uncommitted delegates will not be chosen until June 14.

CD 1: 2 delegates
CD 2: 2
CD 3: 2
CD 4: 2
CD 5: 2
CD 6: 2
CD 7: 2
CD 8: 2
CD 9: 3
CD 10: 2
CD 11: 2
CD 12: 3
CD 13: 3
CD 14: 4
CD 15: 3


Unknown said...

You might want to check out Mark Miller's comment here:

He writes:
MfO = Michiganders for Obama - endorsed;O = other Obama; (O) = probably Obama; ? - unknown
Probably Obama are those who said at the convention they were for Obama, but don't have a track record of supporting him, or else I've read a media report they're for Obama, but don't know what it is based on.

District 1
Miles Baker O
Abby Dart MfO

District 2
Rillastine Wilkins O
Joseph Zainea O

District 3
Armand Robinson O
Alice Corey MfO

District 4
Mary Bacon MfO
Robert Ciaffone MfO

District 5
Floyd Clack MfO
Geraldean Hall MfO

District 6
Mark Miller MfO
Marletta Seats MfO

District 7
Leonard Smigielski (O)
Fran Sibly (O)

District 8
Irene McDonnell-Cahill (O)
Griffin Rivers (O)

District 9
Catherine Martin ?
Doris Toney MfO
Aldo Vagnozzi O

District 10
Rose Marie Fessler MfO

District 11
Marian Novak O
Michael Siegrist MfO

District 12
Rory Gamble (O)
Jennifer Miller (O)
Nancy Quarles (O)

District 13
Wayne County Commissioner Tim Killeen O
13D Chairperson Cecilia Walker O
John Henry Davis O

District 14

District 15
Derrick Jackson MfO
Christina Montague MfO
Lynne Schwartz MfO

Siroco said...
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Siroco said...

The following are listed on the Michiganers for Obama Web Site as member/delegates:
District 1
Abby Dart
Miles Baker (Student 4 Obama)
District 3
Alice Corey
Armand Robinson
District 4
Mary Bacon
Bob Ciaffone
District 5
Floyd Clack
Geraldean Hall
District 6
Marletta Seats
Mark Miller

District 9
Doris Powers Toney
District 10
Rosie Fessler
District 11
Mike Siegrist

District 15
Christina Montague
Derrick Jackson
Lynne Schwartz

Yousri said...

District 9
Catherine Martin UAW

Catie said...

Found this information on the Michigan Liberal site. Not very tidy sorry.

Latest hand-selected Michigan political news and analysis headlines
List of Michigan's National Convention Delegates
by: Grebner
Thu May 22, 2008 at 17:12:56 PM EDT

I fielded a call from a reporter who wants to conduct interviews with the delegates, but Mark Brewer and the MDP haven't actually released such a list, notwithstanding promises to do so.

I told the reporter I didn't have the list either, although some of the names have previously been posted to Michigan Liberal. I offered to start this diary, hoping that by the efforts of people scattered all over the state that we could fill in all fifteen districts.

In other words, this is a do-it-yourself post, with all the information to be provided by the readers, for themselves.

UPDATE by ScottyUrb: This diary has the names of many of the delegates.
Grebner :: List of Michigan's National Convention Delegates

A table of everything so far:

CD1 - Clinton:

Uncommitted: Miles Baker, Abby Dart

CD2 - Clinton: John DeWolf, Donald Oetman, Marcia Hovey-Wright, (alt: Patricia Wade)

Uncommitted: Joe Zainea, Rillastine Wilkins

CD3 - Clinton: Michael Hodge, Lupe Ramos-Montigny, Maggie Simmons (alt: Randy Belliel)

Uncommitted: Armand Robinson, Alice Corey

CD4 - Clinton: Bob Donoghue, Diana Ketola (alt: Ruth Averill)

Uncommitted: Mary Bacon, Bob Ciaffone

CD5 - Clinton:

Uncommitted: Floyd Clack, Geraldean Hall

CD6 - Clinton: Mamie Yarbrough, Nancy Crowell, Marcus Robinson, (alt: Cathy LaPointe)

Uncommitted: Mark Miller, Marietta Seats

CD7 - Clinton:

Uncommitted: Leonard Smigielski, Fran Sibly

CD8 - Clinton: Virgil Bernero, Phil Reid, Chong-Anna Canfora, Anna Strong, (alt: Nadine Nosal)

Uncommitted: Griffin Rivers, Irene McDonnell-Cahill

CD9 - Clinton:

Uncommitted: Aldo Vagnozzi, Doris Toney, Cathy Martin

CD10 - Clinton:

Uncommitted: Rose Marie Fessler

CD11 - Clinton: Brandon Hynes, Dave Curson, Carol Larkin, (alt: Tom Kerr)

Uncommitted: Michael Siegrist, Marian Novak

CD12 - Clinton:

Uncommitted: Rory Gamble, Jennifer Miller, Nancy Quarles

CD13 - Clinton:


CD14 - Clinton:


CD15 - Clinton: Jim Pederson, Ronnie Peterson

Uncommitted: Derrick Jackson, Christina Montague, Lynn Schwartz

2nd District (4.00 / 2)
Clinton Delegates

John DeWolf - Muskegon County

Donald Oetman - Ottawa County

Marcia Hovey-Wright - Muskegon County

Patricia Wade - Alternate from Muskegon County

Uncommitted (pledged to vote for Barack Obama)

Joe Zainea - Ottawa County

Rillastine Wilkins - Muskegon County

15th District- 3 uncommitted allotment (4.00 / 1)
Christina Montague, Derrick Jackson, Lynne Schwartz, all for Barack. Go Michiganders!

here in the 9th CD... (0.00 / 0)
Aldo Vagnozzi and Doris Toney are definitely Obama supporters.

Cathy Martin for Obama but will go with whoever the UAW ultimately goes with.

for the Uncommitted, 30 reliably Obama, 5 Unity but said they were for Obama, 1 truly uncommitted.

If it matters, in the 6th (0.00 / 0)
Yarbrough, Robinson, Seats: Berrien
Crowell, Miller: Kalamazoo
LaPointe: Cass

First District
Tom Baldini
Sue Tollefson
Jason Morgan - Clinton (alternate)
Miles Baker (Uncommitted - Obama)
Abby Dart (Uncommitted - Obama)

pikkel said...

I attended Michigan's Third District convention in Grand Rapids a few weeks ago. Five delegates and one alternate delegate were elected. Three for HRC and two for "uncommitted", with the alternate selected by HRC's caucus. (We were divided into two groups, the HRC's and the uncommitteds, went to separate places and voted after brief presentations by each person running for delegate. Both of the uncommitteds, one male and one female are CLEARLY Barack Obama supporters. I base this not only on their brief presentations, but various invites my family received to go to neighboring Indiana to work by them and their long-standing emails and other contacts from these delegates.

Don said...

If the news is the first draft of history, what is this? Preliminary sketches for the rough draft's footnotes?

Sr. Mahannah said...

Dear Matt,

I compiled a list is Word with the information you wanted: (Name, CD, affiliation (union, etc) if any, endorsement status, and, of course, a link.) I don't know know to post it with the links into the blog. Can I email it to you? My email is or



The Black Mamba said...
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InsultComicDog said...

I would propose seating all the pledged MI and FL delegates and giving them full votes while disqualifying the MI and FL supers.

CaliPhil said...

This was an excellent idea. May I suggest that you move uncommitteds to Obama (or Clinton) on the MI/FL table using the same standard you currently use for superdelegates.

KCinDC said...

Is someone doing similar tracking of the Florida Edwards delegates and how they're planning to vote if they're seated?

c_b said...

Tracking of all Edwards delegates (including Florida) here

Rose Szymanski said...

Why should Obama get 18 of these delegate his name wasn't on the ballot . He chose either to take it off or not have it on. So he shouldn't get any. It isn't fair to the ones that had their name on the ballot

Rose Szymanski said...

Obama should not get any delegates because his name was not on the ballot> He chose not to either have it on or took it off after it was on eiother way it was his decision so why should he get any of them. It isn't fair to the names that were on the ballot.

Siroco said...

Obama is getting these 18 because they the delegates themselves who have already been elected WANT to vote for him. DCW is not "giving" Obama the delegates, merely identifying who they say they will vote for. As the HRC campaign has said numerous times : delegates can vote for whom they wish.

get real please!