Saturday, October 04, 2008

30 Days Out

WE'VE MOVED! Democratic Convention Watch is now at

Here in Pennsylvania, voter registration closes on Monday. It closes in a lot of other states over the next week or so. Complete list here. You can use the tool on our right side bar to find out where to vote if you've moved recently, or to make sure that you are registered.

If you think you won't be able to vote at the polls, get an absentee ballot.

If your state has early voting, as Senator Obama says, "Now is the time." (Or soon, depending on your state.) Learn how and why.

If you're overseas, get on it.

There are very few reasons to NOT vote, if you are eligible. OK, I'm lying, I can't think of ANY reason to not vote if you're eligible. And as a completely off-topic segway, OJ Simpson probably won't be voting this year, as he is now a convicted felon. Note: 13 years to the day that he got away with murder. (If you are a convicted felon who has served your time and are off parole, you CAN vote in most states, just not while in prison.)

If you have a question about registration, absentee ballots, voting overseas, and can't find the answer in one of our sources, drop me an e-mail at Include your phone number, as that email will come to my phone, and I will be out registering voters ALL weekend, and I'll need to phone you back with an answer (or have one of my co-workers do so.)

And since this topic is "30 Days Out" - if you haven't put a few hours in yet, please do. We need you now. "We" need you for the Obama campaign, and the House and Senate races, and the State House/Senate races, and the row officer races. Please consider being part of "WE".

On dark days of this campaign cycle, I would receive emails saying "OH WOE -- what will we do?" and I always said, "We have a plan, we work our plan. Elections are won one voter at a time, we'll find them." I've started getting emails saying "Oh, we're going to win, we can coast." And my answer is identical: we work the plan, we get out our voters. The thing about a plan is that you stick with it.

I hear you now. "I'm too busy" - "I don't like making phone calls" - "I'm afraid to knock on doors" -- if you have an excuse, I've heard it. And if you e-mail me your excuse, I can help you overcome it.

I could write for hours on why ALL OF US need to work this election, but it was best said in the tag line of an email I received last night:

Canvass for 4 hours now, to
Avoid 4 more years of McBush