Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Future of Spunky

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Over at 236, they're thinking "Reality Show"

I'd have posted their "Name that Show" choices, but we don't use those words here at DCW.

Snark aside, assuming that we work our plan, and that plan is successful (take NOTHING for granted), what will John and Spunky be doing after November 4th?

John has said he'd go back to Arizona, but sadly, his term doesn't end until 2010. Although there is precedent for retiring early.

Spunky is facing legal problems, censure problems, childcare concerns, and the full slew of legal cases has not begun yet. (Which begs the question: if being Governor of Alaska is so important, how have they been faring without her? I mean, when John Lindsay attempted a run for President in 1972, the newspapers ran headlines saying "Come Back, Little Sheba", and he was "only" mayor of New York. Oh, wait, by all measures, NYC in 1972 was bigger and more complex than Alaska is now. ) Will she stay Governor? Will she give it all up for Hollywood?

Most seriously about Spunky, within a month of the election will be the Republican Governor's summit, and the RNC meeting. Both sessions will be setting tone as the minority party, and electing their leaders. Just something to ponder, I'll have details after the election.