Thursday, October 02, 2008

Governor Palin... Why Didn't You Remember This Supreme Court Ruling?

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Was she that flustered that she couldn't remember a Supreme Court case that directly affected her constituents just this summer?
When the Exxon Valdez ran aground in 1989, Andrew Wills was a successful herring fisherman in Alaska and the owner of three canneries.

The 11 million gallons of crude oil from the tanker destroyed the herring population and Wills's fishing career, so he borrowed money to open a bookshop, a café and the Mermaid Bed and Breakfast in Homer, Alaska.

Wills had expected to use his $85,000 share of the $2.5 billion punitive damage settlement against Exxon to pay off some of his debts.

The U.S. Supreme Court decision on Wednesday that cuts the damages to about $500 million means that Wills will receive only $15,000, he said. - IHT
Did she purposefully not mention to Couric that she disagreed with a ruling that saved Exxon a boatload of cash? Was she so smart that she knew John McCain would be furious if she were to talk badly about his friends at Exxon?

And on her non-answer about the newspapers she reads. Does her brain work so quickly that she didn't want to upset the conservative base by saying she reads the NY Times?

I don't want to be caught off guard tonight and Lord knows the bar couldn't be set any lower for Palin. That said... you can get your Palin Debate Bingo Cards here.

One question I do have is if the McCain campaign is trying to set low expectations for Palin... why would they lower the bar for Biden too?