Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It's the Money

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I have been good about not posting all of the innuendos and snark about the Palins. I've been very, very good. And it's been hard. Because in my heart, I believe that if Sarah Palin, the candidate, was any man, the candidate, it would be okay to print all sorts of things. 

However, money is always a legitimate topic. And the question for the Palins is not whether their taxes are wrong, but whether it was a legitmate oversight, a mistake, or worthy of penalty payments in addition to the taxes they owe. 

First, the payments made to Palin, as Governor, for her per diem may or may not be taxable income. Same with the amounts paid for Todd's travel. But as it turns out, the $24,728 paid to the Palins by the State of Alaska for the CHILDREN'S travel is 100% taxable. 

There's some more that may or may not be questionable, and I think we should all remember that the Palins had H&R Block do their taxes, and H&R Block is not always known for getting everything perfectly correct. (See how nice I am...)

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