Friday, October 03, 2008

Obama adds another campaign office in Omaha

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Yesterday Matt wrote about how McCain is going to focus on winning one of Maine's Electoral votes by sinking more money into the state.

The other state that awards Electoral Votes by district is Nebraska and the Obama campaign isn't conceding. Today the Obama campaign announced that they will open a second office in Omaha. Nebraska's 2nd congressional district, which includes Omaha and its suburbs, is considered by some to be a "battleground district".

OMAHA, NE ­— Today, on a conference call with Senator Bob Kerrey and Obama State Director John Berge, Obama’s Nebraska Campaign for Change announced it will open a second office in Omaha next week, building on the momentum it has generated among grassroots supporters.

The second Obama campaign office in Nebraska, to be located at 5032 Ames St. in Omaha, will officially open this Wednesday October 8th. The Nebraska headquarters will remain at 343 N 76th Street in Omaha.

On the call, Senator Kerrey spoke to the historic and unprecedented commitment Sen. Barack Obama has made to win the 2nd Congressional District. Barack Obama- unlike many Democratic nominees in the past- can be competitive in traditionally “red” states like Nebraska because this year, voters want change, not more of same failed Bush policies that John McCain is offering.

“I am really enthusiastic about Senator Obama’s commitment to Nebraska, and his determination to make the case to Nebraskans- to give Nebraskans the opportunity to participate in this election in a way that we haven’t had since 1968,” Senator Kerrey said on the call. “Our economic future is at stake. Our standing in the world is at stake. I’m very enthusiastic about Senator Obama and Senator Biden’s capacity to solve the problems this country faces.”