Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Clinton Questions

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If Hillary becomes Secretary of State, what happens to her campaign debt? She still owes about $7.6 million, and there is that little thing called the Hatch Act. That piece of legislation precludes her from soliciting any monies to pay off the campaign debt. If her campaign committee stays active, IT can raise funds, but history doesn't indicate that scenario would result in much success.

Then again, don't feel too bad: over $5 million of that debt is owed to Mark Penn.

The related question is: would this appointment really be a good idea? The thing that gets me is that for two years, the Obama machine was a lock-box where leaks were concerned. The Clinton campaign, however, was like a colander with really big holes. So, my guess is that we know from where the leaks, and the drama, is emanating. Leaks, especially where delicate intra-country negotiations are concerned, are very, very bad. **IF** the Clinton machine is trying to manipulate the Obama administration into giving State to Hillary, what does that say about her ability to tow the Obama line if ensconsed in office?

Floor is open.