Saturday, November 29, 2008

Georgia Senate Update

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The Martin-Chambliss runoff election is this Tuesday, three days away. The Pollster polls indicate that Chambliss is in the lead, 50.9% - 46.2%. R2k/Kos says 52% - 46%. Insider Adantage and internal Democratic polls have it down to 2 or 3 points, with Chambliss still in the lead.

Prior to the General, Chambliss had raised about 4 times the money of Martin, $12 million to $3 million, and that hasn't changed much in the past month. While we won't know the total amount donated until after the election, the FEC requires that large donations (over $1,000) are reported within 48 hours during the waning days of a runoff campaign. That data indicates that Chambliss has raised about $1.6 million to Martin's $462,000.

On the Martin side, Bill Clinton and Al Gore have been down to campaign, and Hillary Clinton threw a fundraiser in New York for Jim Martin. On the Chambliss side, the big name is Spunky Sarah Palin.

The question is, can Martin pull it out? As Andre posted, the early vote numbers are very low compared to turnout for the General, and blacks are voting in lower numbers and percents than whites both in raw numbers, and in comparison to the General.

Under the radar, more than 200 Obama field operatives are in Georgia working to get out the vote on election day.