Sunday, November 23, 2008

Senate 2010 - top ten races

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The Fix lists (alphabetically) their top ten Senate races:

California (Boxer-D) - especially if Schwarzenegger runs
Florida (Martinez-R) - Martinez has a 23% approval rating
Kansas (Open (Brownback - R)) - But not if Sebelius goes to the Dept. of Labor
Kentucky (Bunning - R) - Should have beaten him in '04
Louisiana (Vitter - R) - why is he still in the Senate and Spitzer had to quit?
Nevada (Reid - D) - doesn't want to be "Daschled"
New Hampshire (Gregg - R) - the last GOP major office holder in NH
North Dakota (Dorgan - D) - only if Hoeven runs
Ohio (Voinovich - R) - could be picked off, but who will the Dems choose?
Pennsylvania (Specter - R) - Lets play Hardball