Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's A Ball

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MTV will be throwing an inaugural ball.

They've decided to call it "Be the Change Inaugural Ball" and they'll be broadcasting it live.

They did this once before, in 1993, when both the Clintons and Gores attended for part of the evening. Performers included the Eagles and U2.

MTV held a party, not a ball, in 1997. They didn't do anything for either of the Bush inaugurals.

This year, they'll be teaming up with ServiceNation, an organization which helps to mobilize grassroots efforts.

"ServiceNation looks forward to partnering with MTV on a historic inaugural event that will call on all Americans to act on their idealism and answer President-elect Obama's call to serve," said Michelle Nunn, CEO, Points of Light Institute. "By uniting Americans on the common ground of service, we can roll up our sleeves and help solve the nation's great challenges and inspire every American to be the change they wish to see in the world."
I've not yet found out how to get tickets, but I haven't given up. THIS looks like fun!