Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Senate and House updates

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While Franken officially trails by 210 according to the Strib, the Franken campaign still claims Coleman's lead is really in double-digits. The campaign is also concerned about missing ballots.

Pollster.com has their GA-Senate runoff chart up:

Virginia has officially certified the election of Democrat Tom Perriello by 745 votes in VA-5. There's a recount coming here also, but the margin seems large enough to hold up in a Congressional District. This seat would give the Democrats a net gain of 21.

But in CA-4, Republican Tom McClintock declared victory over Democrat Charlie Brown. McClintock’s lead has grown to 1,566, with only about 4,600 ballots left to be counted.

Mary Jo Kilroy in OH-15 won a lawsuit Friday requiring over 27,000 disputed ballots to be counted. She currently trails by 479 votes, but this one ain't over yet.

Democratic challenger Bill Hedrick has not officially conceded in CA-44, but he's down by around 9,000 votes with about 20,000 left to count.