Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Convention computer equipment donated to local schools

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GOLDEN - The job of Jan Strand is to make sure all the technology is working at Golden High School. The building and grounds may be new, but the computers are not.

"Our server right now is very old, the teachers didn't have enough space," said Strand, technology coordinator for Golden High School.

The building was opened this year - a product of a 2004 bond issue. It is equipped with high-end infrastructure and wiring, but Strand does not have the computer equipment to fully utilize it.

Soon, that may all change.

Cisco Systems provided about $5 million worth of computer equipment and hardware for the Democratic National Convention. After tearing down the DNC, Cisco promised to donate it all to local schools. Strand just found out Golden High School will be getting about $150,000 in servers, switchers, routers, phones and services to maintain their new gear.

"I had no idea," said Strand when we told her the news. "Oh my gosh, would you like to get a shot of me doing a cartwheel?" - 9News
Even though the convention is over, things are gearing up for 2012. Matt started DemConWatch in 2005 when Howard Dean announced the 2008 convention would be in late August. We're already hearing news about 2012. Stay tuned and see you in (insert 2012 convention city here).