Friday, October 24, 2008

Undecided Voters

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Late last night, my campaign kid field organizer and I went to get something to eat around 10 o'clock. So we had this sweet-young-thing waitress, and because I do this automatically, I asked if she was all set for Election Day. She told me she needed to get some information because she hadn't been following the races. I figured she was talking about the state races, and the House race.

But you never assume, so I said

"Well, at the top of the ticket, there are Barack Obama and John McCain."
And she said
"I know that, but I don't own a TV, and I don't know anything about them."
So, I did my Clif Notes version, and started with pro-choice, and pro-birth control. She told me I didn't need to go any further.

For good measure, I took her e-mail address and will send her out some proof, but watching her face, Rob and I knew that her mind was now made up. And yes, I'll call into Philly, and make sure she's on their GOTV list.

So this brings me to today's question: undecided voters. I know that there are campaign events to the very end, and for a lot of them, you have to get there a couple hours early, line up, get ready, and THEN the candidate arrives. Do undecided voters do that? Do they stand in the heat or the cold for a couple hours?

Please use the comments to give any stories you know about late undecided voters: do you know any? (And by that, I'm not talking someone you phone bank, canvass or run-into, I mean people you actually know and see/talk to on a regular basis.) Is it a lack of information, or are they really torn about something? Is it issue-based? Personality-based?

And by the way, Rob has agreed to let me interview him after the election so I can give y'all a glipse of what it is to be a field organizer. If you have a question, stick it in the comments, and I'll put it on the list.