Tuesday, November 11, 2008

2009/2010 Gubernatorial Races

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There are 2 states which will hold gubernatorial elections in 2009: Tim Kaine is term limited in Virginia, and Jon Corzine looks to be running unopposed by any Democrat for a second term in New Jersey. We'll be up with frames on these races in the next few days. I'm wondering what Terry McAuliffe learned from the HRC campaign...

There are 36 states which will have gubernatorial elections in 2010; of them, 20 are currently held by Democrats, and 16 by Republicans. This list is current as of today, but may change with Senate seats to be filled, as well as administration positions to be filled. Not to mention, you can never tell when someone might get indicted.

Some of these folks are term-limited, some are not. Some may have Senate aspirations, and there may be a choice to be made about an additional Gubernatorial term, or a Senate term, also up for grabs in 2010.

As always, Democrats in blue, Republicans in red. My comments are in green. (TL) means the person is term-limited.

While DCW did not cover the Gubernatorial races for 2008, we’re on it now.

Alabama: Bob Riley (TL)
Alaska: Sarah Palin What can we say that hasn't been said before? Oh, yes, think IRS audit, and more legal problems, and she STILL might be the GOP Presidential nominee in 2012.
Arkansas: Mike Beebe
Arizona: Janet Napolitano (TL)
California: Arnold Schwarzenegger (TL)
Colorado: Bill Ritter
Connecticut: Jodi Rell
Florida: Charlie Crist He may also run for President in 2010. Does anyone know if he ever married the woman he got engaged to, so as to pander in an attempt to get the veep slot?
Georgia: Sonny Perdue (TL)
Hawaii: Linda Lingle (TL)
Illinois: Rod Blagojevich (think i-n-d-c-t-m-e-n-t)
Idaho: Butch Otter
Iowa: Chet Culver
Kansas: Kathleen Sebelius (TL)
Maine: John Baldacci (TL)
Maryland: Martin O'Malley
Massachusetts: Deval Patrick
Nebraska: Dave Heineman
New Hampshire: John Lynch
New York: David Paterson Announced around the time he took over for Eliot Spitzer that he would run for a full term in 2010.
Michigan: Jennifer Granholm (TL)
Minnesota: Tim Pawlenty
Nevada: Jim Gibbons Good personal dirt available - I'm saving it.
Ohio: Ted Strickland
Oklahoma: Brad Henry (TL)
Oregon: Ted Kulongoski (TL)
Pennsylvania: Ed Rendell (TL) May run against Arlen Spector, who has already announced he will run for re-election as Senior Senator from PA. Chris Matthews (yes, that Chris Matthews) may also throw his hat in the ring.
Rhode Island: Donald Carcieri (TL)
South Carolina: Mark Sanford (TL)
South Dakota: Mike Rounds (TL)
Texas: Rick Perry
Tennessee: Phil Bredesen (TL)
Vermont: Jim Douglas He's said he wants Pat Leahy's Senate seat if Senator Leahy retires. If Douglas doesn't run, look for a really fun campaign cycle.
Wisconsin: Jim Doyle
Wyoming: Dave Freudenthal (TL)