Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Benefits of Majority

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Harry Reid is taking his new majority out for a spin, and looking at cutting the number of Republican seats on the Committees. He's using as his model the Senate that existed the last time the Democrats held 57 seats in the Senate.

That was the 103rd Congress, which ran from January 3rd 1993 to January 3rd 1995.
Back then, they cut the number of Republican seats, and Reid may use the same formulae this time.

The final determination of how far Reid can go won't be decided until we know how many seats we hold. Without TLB, and no additional wins, we sit at 56, with TLB and 3 wins (MN, AK, GA), the number is 60 - or, it could be somewhere in between.

Do you remember that Congress? A lot of the same people are still in the Senate, but just think what they accomplished back then (and remember it in historical context): The Family Leave Act, Motor-Voter Act, Don't Ask-Don't Tell, and of course NAFTA (which, while historic, may not have been their best work).

Robert Byrd was President Pro Tem, Al Gore was President of the Senate (back when that was the job of the Veep).

AH! The benefitis of majority....