Saturday, November 01, 2008

Good Morning from Chester County

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Very briefly --

It's about quarter to six, and I have to be at the phone bank at 8:30, despite the fact we don't launch until 10. There is a set-up PROCEDURE, as opposed to a "regular" GOTV phone bank where we have a few lists, a few landlines, a few cell phones, and a few pens.

Yesterday afternoon, as I mentioned on my twitter feed, we had an internet problem. I'm glad to announce that it's close to solved.

From the time we started making volunteer reminder calls, it was flat out. Calls, data entry, a leadership meeting for both the canvassing and phone bank leadership. Our field organizer had two required conference calls during our meeting. By a lucky fluke, I offered to pick up the pizza, which meant I was one block from home, and therefore, Olivia my canine companion was able to attend the meeting, too. (It's the little things).

My phone bank co-leader and I were driving the one mile back from the canvass venue to the phone bank venue for a few last words. We stopped for the light, and I leaned into the back seat to pat Olivia when my co-leader screamed, and at the same time there was that horrible car crash sound. It was close to 11 at night, so the intersection wasn't as traveled as the normal mid-day traffic fiasco it is. Two cars, 4 people, lots of glass, lots of debris.

We pulled ahead of the intersection, and I told her that I was a doctor, and needed to check if everyone was okay. She called 911. The cars were ugly. The people had only minor injuries, and no one needed ambulance transport.

I got back in the car and she said "I didn't know you were a doctor". In my mind, there was a cascade of thoughts: the people were okay, we still had another hour of prep work, I'd be able to text over numbers all day, in lieu of sending a runner, Olivia needs more attention, I need a nap, all sorts of thoughts all at once. Worlds collide.

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