Sunday, November 02, 2008

Meet John Podesta, Obama's Transition Chief

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For a while now, both the Obama and McCain campaigns have had appointed "Transition Chiefs," the officers in charge of directing the assemblage of a government under the eventual President-Elect (the term we use for the elected president who has not taken office yet). With only 75 days between the election and the inauguration, it is vital that President-Elect have strong transition teams in place to map out the development and planning for building a government.

Obama's Transition man is John Podesta, former White House Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton and the current President and Chief Executive Office of the Center for American Progress - a Washington, DC progressive think tank.

Podesta is a Georgetown-educated lawyer by trade, though has spent his entire professional life working in Washington, DC. Podesta knows the ins-and-outs of the city better than most. Having worked in the White House, the Congress and a number of agencies around town, he is amongst a select few who are uniquely qualified to oversee the building of a governing machine.

Originally from Chicago, Friends who have worked with him describe him as a man with a good sense of humor, but who is also intensely focused on his work.

Should Obama win this election next Tuesday, Podesta will be the face of the organization from November 5th through January of next year.