Thursday, November 13, 2008

Obama Senate Seat Replacement Watch

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It was reported earlier this week that Obama favored Valerie Jarrett to replace him in the Senate. Now it looks like she may be headed for a position with the Obama Administration (I'll never get tired of typing Obama Administration!)

Barack Obama's transition co-chair Valerie Jarrett is headed toward a senior position in the White House, I've learned, rather than a Cabinet post. Meanwhile, Jarrett Wednesday shut down speculation about replacing Obama in the Senate when she said she's not interested in the seat.

Jarrett holds a unique position in that she is a personal friend as well as adviser to the president-elect and wife Michelle.

She's more valuable to Obama in the White House than in his Cabinet. - Sun-Times

As of right now it looks like it may be either Tammy Duckworth or Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. Congressman Jackson isn't hiding his desire to take over for Obama in the Senate. Tammy Duckworth hasn't sent out any releases to my knowledge but she has said she's interested in the job.

Duckworth, now the Illinois Veterans Affairs director, has been mentioned as a possible replacement for Obama in the U.S. Senate or as Veterans Affairs secretary in an Obama administration.

She accompanied Obama yesterday as the Illinois senator marked Veterans Day by placing a wreath at the bronze soldiers memorial between the Field Museum and Soldier Field in Chicago.

Duckworth, then a pilot with the Illinois Army National Guard, lost both her legs in Iraq in 2004 when her Black Hawk helicopter was struck by a rocket-propelled grenade.

She has said she would be interested in either the Senate seat or a post in Obama’s administration.

“I would be honored to be able to do that on a national level,” Duckworth told The Associated Press recently about the prospect of helping veterans. - Army Times

In an emotional ceremony, Duckworth and Obama laid a wreath at Chicago's Soldier's Field on Veterans Day.