Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama takes Indiana

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Another red state turns blue. Current EV count is 349-162.

Two states still to be called:

Missouri: McCain:1,442,613, Obama: 1,436,745, 100% precincts in, lead is 5868.
North Carolina: Obama: 2,101,991, McCain: 2,089,828, 100% precincts in, lead is 12,163.

Update: As noted in the comments, CD2 in Nebraska also hasn't been called.

Update: Dems pick up ID-1, total pickup is now 19 seats, with 6 seats left to be decided, all current GOP seats. We're currently ahead in 2, and behind in 4, including WA-8, where Darcy Burner is behind 1,500 votes, but with only 41% of the precincts counted. Two other seats in LA will be decided in December.