Sunday, November 16, 2008

Senate Races:2010

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Good Morning and Welcome to the 2010 Senate race. The professionals like to say who is safe, and who is at risk. Last Sunday, Matt wrote that Mel Martinez (R-FL) may be the most endangered of the Class 3 Senators.

Before we get started though, we should remember that this list will be altered over the next few weeks. If anyone on this list takes a position in the Obama administration, there will be an addition to this list. There will be a special election in 2010, for example, for Vice-President elect Joe Biden’s ex-seat. I still have hope that Russ Feingold gets that first Supreme Court seat. And finally, there’s always that indictment thing.

This list is from the Senate site. If you’ve never been there, you might want to give it a try. For each of the Senators, you can click on his/her name and see information related to the legislation and issues on which that particular Senator is working. Often, you can get a sense of the local issues that are of import to the Senator, and his/her constituents. You can get the individual e-mail addresses and phone numbers. And you can never tell when you might want to use them.

So here’s the list, accurate as of today. We’ll be framing each of the races and following the polls. If you already have a favourite race, or if there is something you think we should know about any of these folks that is not generally available (as always, I’m thinking docket numbers….) please let us know!

Bayh, Evan- (D - IN)
Bennett, Robert F.- (R-UT)
Bond, Christopher S.- (R – MO)
Boxer, Barbara- (D- CA)
Brownback, Sam- (R - KS)
Bunning, Jim- (R - KY)
Burr, Richard- (R - NC)
Coburn, Tom- (R - OK)
Crapo, Mike- (R – ID)
DeMint, Jim- (R - SC)
Dodd, Christopher J.- (D - CT)
Dorgan, Byron L.- (D - ND)
Feingold, Russell D.- (D - WI)
Grassley, Chuck- (R - IA)
Gregg, Judd- (R - NH)
Inouye, Daniel K.- (D - HI)
Isakson, Johnny- (R - GA)
Leahy, Patrick J.- (D - VT)
Lincoln, Blanche L.- (D - AR)
Martinez, Mel- (R - FL)
McCain, John- (R-AZ)
Mikulski, Barbara A.- (D - MD)
Murkowski, Lisa- (R - AK)
Murray, Patty- (D - WA)
(OPEN)- (D - IL)
Reid, Harry- (D - NV)
Salazar, Ken- (D - CO)
Schumer, Charles E.- (D - NY)
Shelby, Richard C.- (R-AL)
Specter, Arlen- (R - PA)
Thune, John- (R - SD)
Vitter, David- (R - LA)
Voinovich, George V.- (R - OH)
Wyden, Ron- (D - OR)