Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Senate

WE'VE MOVED! Democratic Convention Watch is now at

Welcome to Kay Hagan, Senator-elect from North Carolina who won with 53% of the vote over Liddy Dole's 44%. Luckily, Liddy won't have to face running into any of her prior constituents, since she doesn't live in North Carolina. Welcome, Senator Hagan.

Welcome to Jeanne Shaheen, Senator-elect from New Hampshire. And decisive win, 52%/45% over her rematch with John Sununu. Welcome, Senator Shaheen.

And as for voting for the Udall near you...Welcome Senators Udall. Mo would be so very, very proud.

And finally, last, but the first Senate race we
knew, months ago. Welcome, Senator Warner from the Commonwealth of Virginia. No, not THAT Senator Warner, the NEW Senator, Mark Warner, DEMOCRAT from Virginia.