Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Bailout

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On a week of intersections, today the Senate votes on the bailout. Before we get there, a couple of Senate gems that just can't wait until Sunday.

In Georgia and Kentucky, we've moved to within striking range. Chambliss' lead in Georgia is down to 2 in the latest SUSA poll. In Kentucky, the latest Mason-Dixon poll puts the race at 45%/44%, or a virtual tie.

The details: Saxby Chambliss won his Senate seat in 2002 by running a dirty smear campaign against Max Cleland. He portrayed Cleland as unpatriotic, and anti-defense. Senator Cleland is a double amputee. That happened due to injuries sustained during his service in Vietnam. Jim Martin is running a good campaign, and it's a possible pick-up.

In Kentucky, we're talking the home of Mitch McConnell, Minority Leader of the Senate. The professionals thought that he was out of reach. To say he's a right wing conservative would not explain how right of the John Birch Society he actually is. GO!! Bruce Lunsford!!!!

Ed wrote yesterday about getting those contributions in to make the end of quarter deadline -- but Jim and Bruce could still use your support.

But back to the bailout. Tonight, the Senate votes. I think it will pass, with the FDIC upside limit rise, but I thought that it would pass in the House, too. Now, we know that there are 50 Democrats (including Bernie Sanders, who caucuses with the Democrats), 49 Republicans, and that turncoat. So who is going to show, and how are people going to vote?

We know that Obama will be there. We know this because Bill Burton sent out the announcement last night. But how about MacAttack?

And what is the vote going to be?