Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Veep Debate - Part 2

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Tomorrow night, we might all be watching something interesting. Oh h - e - double hockey sticks, it's going to be FASCINATING!

Which Sarah will show up? She does have debate experience, from her 2006 Gubernatorial race. According to the Times, she appeared confident, but exhibited the vagueness which has plagued her recent national interviews. So it may be that this is a hustle, as she has shown a quick learning curve. That's her, practicing with Randy Scheuneman at one of McShame's homes. (Crickets!)

I wanted to run a poll about which Sarah gaffe you thought most approached Dan Quayle sticking an "e" on the end of "potato".

But I only have 10 slots. So, please use the comments - what have you laughed hardest at so far: the Pakistan debate with the Temple grad student in Philly? Her inability to name a single newspaper or magazine? The fact that when Tina Fey did Sarah Palin, they didn't need to re-write, they just used actual verbiage? Her recitation of Obama's position on Pakistan? Russian incursions into Alaskan airspace?

I do, however, have enough slots for this: