Thursday, November 13, 2008

2010 Governor Races

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Our resident superstar DocJess did a post on Tuesday about the 2009/2010 Gubernatorial Races (why don't they call them Gubernors?). I put together a map from her information to show what position the Democrats will be in in 2010.

Thirty-six states will hold elections for Governor in 2010. We will be following these races up until Election Day on November 2, 2010. States in Blue have an incumbent Democratic Governor. States in Red have a Republican Incumbent. An "O" signifies and Open Seat due to retiring or term-limited Governors.
10 states run by Democratic Governors are either retiring or being term-limited. 8 states with retiring or term-limited Governors are held by Republicans (If you only count 7, click on the map and you'll see that Hawaii also has an open seat.)

The big question is whether the Democrats will still be riding their wave two years from now. And of course this map may change between now and then.