Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Ballot Issues

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The income tax repeal in Massachusetts failed 70%/30%.

In California, with 87% of the vote in, it looks like the ban on gay marriage will be enacted 52%/48%. This will be the first time in American history that civil rights, already enacted, will be taken from a group of Americans. That is, the legislature enacted, and the courts approved, gay marriage in California. That then became a right. And now, it appears that the voters will rescind that right. The ramifications are interesting, and we'll have more on this as it evolves. (Give it about a month for the court action headed towards the Supremes.)

In South Dakota, what would have been the most restrictive anti-choice law on any state books was soundly defeated, 55%/45%. It had been put on the ballot to force a challenge that would have aimed at the Supremes in an attempt to reassess Roe v. Wade.