Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Good Morning, and WELCOME to a Brand New Day!

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Before I bring you the round-up on the races, I just want to thank all of you who, via both the comments and email have encouraged my efforts to turn my little corner of the world blue. Election results are generally reported in a macro fashion, but, and you know this, they are won ONE VOTER AT A TIME. And if you think you hate the repetition of that line, you don't know the hundreds of people, many of them strangers to me, who had to look me in the eye and hear:

To win the election, McCain has to win Pennsylvania, to win Pennsylvania, he has to win Chester County. To win Chester County, he has to get through me. And I'm just a little blonde girl, please help me save the world.
And hundreds of people answered that call. Here ins W-5, the vote, which Shane and I personally added together from the machine tapes around 10:30 last night, was 1935 - 1218. And for the first time since 1964, Chester County is blue: 54%/45%.

What we did here was what people with the same dedication and enthusiasm did across the country. President-elect Obama is correct: we all own a piece of the win, it is a win for all of us. Change has come.

Remember: we had a plan, we worked the plan. We worked the plan, we won.

And Missouri and North Carolina, at this moment, are still not even settled.

And now, some races:

In Alaska, it's Young over Berkowitz 52%/44%. Yup, still red. Definitively. With 99% of the vote in, Stevens-the-Felon is ahead of Begich, 48%/47%. Raw count: 106,351/102,998. I'm not sure if Begich will ask for a recount, nor whether the Senate will boot Stevens out. I also don't know if Spunky will appoint herself if the Senate does do the right thing. But, trust me, I'm all over it, and will keep you apprised.

Undecided Senate races: In Georgia, Chambliss is holding with 50% of the vote with 99% of the vote in. If he holds at 50%, he wins. If he falls to 49.9%, or if he falls below 50% on a recount, then there will be a run-off.

In Oregon, with 73% of the vote in, it's 47%/47% Smith leading Merkley.

In Minnesota, with 88% of the vote in, it's 42%, 42%, 15%, Coleman over Franken by a hair, with Barkley holding 15%.

House Races: First, out in the Idaho first, with 89% of the vote in, it's Minnick over Sali, 51%/49%. If this holds, that's Walt Minnick, DEMOCRAT from Idaho.

Say goodbye to Vito in the NY-13th, and welcome Mike McMahon, who won with 61% of the vote, and no, that's not a misprint.

In the rest of NY, we picked up the 25th, Maffei over Sweetland, 55%/42%, and the 29th, Massa over Kuhl, 51%/49%. There are now 26 out of 29 House seats in NY held by Democrats.

And finally, Joe McCarthy reincarnation Michele Bachmann won the MN 6th over ElTinklenberg 46%/44%. Don't get me started. I'm hopeful about the censure potential.

We'll be up throughout the day with updates, and information on the transition.

Welcome to a new world. Welcome to the brightest sunrise in years: even if it's cloudy where you are. And now, the work of governing begins.