Saturday, November 08, 2008

Election roundup

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A quick summary of some outstanding election day races:

Obama will win the EV in NE-2, giving him 365, assuming McCain holds on to Missouri. CNN, notably, still has Missouri as TCTC.

538 thinks Begich can still catch Stevens in Alaska.

Franken has cut Coleman's lead in Minnesota to 221 votes as the official canvass is still ongoing. Then the recount starts.

The campaign in the runoff for the Georgia Senate seat has started.

Democrats picked up another seat in MD-1, but Darcy Burner lost in WA-8. Four seats are still officially TCTC: AK-1 (GOP ahead), CA-4 (GOP ahead), OH-15 (GOP ahead) and VA-15 (Dem ahead). Dems also have hopes of turning around CA-44. It's been called for the GOP candidate (up by ~6,000), but tens of thousands of absentee ballots still have to be counted.